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    The Stern-Med mission is to provide our patients with premium quality medical care, including full rehabilitation and return to the state of complete physical, mental and social wellness.
    Our aim is to establish a close and harmonious relationship with our patients, sharing a mutual understanding of our common objectives: positive treatment results, long term health and wellbeing.

    Our unique, integrated approach is driven by our patient’s needs. We relentlessly seek out the most updated and effective medical innovations, and follow the latest discoveries in medical research, in order to incorporate them in our services for the benefit of our patients.
    Our goal is to guide our patients along their individual path of physical health, while preserving a positive psychological state, by providing them with the highest quality and attainable service.

    We are committed to creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere during your stay, helping you enjoy a sense of security and confidence at all times. We understand that when a patient is calm and comfortable, both treatment and recovery processes are smoother and, ultimately, more successful.

    Stern-Med was created with the vision of providing highly professional medical care and services specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of our patients.
    We are always open to a productive dialogue with our patients.

    Stern-Med will help you with everything you need to plan and prepare for your trip, and make sure it is a success:

    • Setting up the visit for assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.
    • Assistance with the issuing of an invitation for your visit to Israel, meeting you in the airport, transfer to your destination, and all aspects of accommodation.
    • Expert support in the setup of documents, and translation of medical documents (diagnoses, recommendations, medical reports).
    • Organizing initial consultation with the medical specialists based on the medical documents, handling test results, CT discs, MRI, etc.
    • Help in choosing the medical specialist or medical center for full assessment and treatment.
    • Drafting the requisite diagnostics plan and treatment process in Israel that includes the duration and the preliminary costs estimate.
    • Following departure from Israel, our specialists stay in contact with you, to provide services that do not require your presence in Israel.

    Threatment - Departments


    Diagnosis is an integral and essential part of the treatment. Well-executed diagnostics are the key to any successful treatment. Israeli medicine is one of the most advanced in the world, with global experts acknowledging the highest levels of diagnostics capabilities in Israel.

    Otolaryngological examination

    Full laboratory studies, including oncomarkers

    Orthopedic examination

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    Treatment - Departments


    Nuclear medicine


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    General Surgery

    The success of Israeli medicine, including in the field of surgery, is recognized worldwide. High-tech equipment allows minimally invasive diagnostic procedures and makes the medical surgical process very effective. The widely used laparoscopic method of surgical intervention significantly reduces side effects, complications and the need for extensive and complex surgeries. Achieving optimal results with minimal negative effects is an approach that stands at the core of Israeli medicine.

    General surgery

    Plastic surgery

    Plastic reconstructive surgery / Microcirculation

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    Israeli rehabilitation programs are known throughout the world for their effectiveness and ability to rehabilitate patients who have undergone complex surgeries, or have experienced various kinds of injuries, strokes, joint transplants, cardiac surgeries, spinal cord injuries. This also includes also the rehabilitation of patients with chronic diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, respiratory rehabilitation, and rehabilitation after mental illness.

    Neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation

    Children's rehabilitation

    Rehabilitation after a coma

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