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Medical Care in Israel: Leading With Innovation and Excellence

Seeking healthcare abroad has long ceased to be seen as inaccessible luxury. As a medical pioneer and innovator, Israel is one of the leading countries in the world to provide a superior level of medical tourism services. The reasons for this are numerous, and include the following:

  • Israel has an exceptionally high standard of living, and it is positioned at the forefront of international medical research.
  • Israel is a global leader in the field of biotechnologies.
  • Israeli medical innovations are used in operating rooms in the world’s most advanced countries.
  • Israel is one of the leading countries in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  • Israel is renowned for its innovative therapies for a diverse range of diseases.
  • Cancer treatment and prevention are at the forefront of Israeli medical developments.
  • Israeli doctors are renowned for their exceptional professionalism in a variety of medical fields.
  • Israeli hospitals are equipped with the latest medical equipment and the most comfortable recovery conditions for patients.
  • Israel has the most accurate and efficient medical assessment practices, based on highly advanced medical research.

The Most Advanced Linear Accelerator In The World – For cancer patients who require radiation therapy. High accuracy of impact, with minimum side effects. A computer system calculates the most precise targeted radiation therapy treatments and radiation distribution.

Da Vinci Surgical System – Da Vinci Xi is the latest and most progressive robotic surgical system available today. Open surgical interventions are possible with 3-D visualisation of organs, incorporating a minimally invasive approach during the procedure with minimal blood loss, and enabling a fast recovery.

The HALO System – For the treatment of Barret syndrom, using radio frequency ablation that destroys abnormal oesophagus cells. A short procedure that replaces the complex surgery to remove the esophagus. This is an endoscopic procedure (EGD).

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) – For the treatment of cancer localized in a single organ (for example – prostate). A minimally invasive procedure that preserves the standard of living and the functioning of the organ

Application of Computed Tomography (CT) Navigation in the Surgery Process (Navigator) – Provides an image that helps calculate the most direct and safe path to the surgery point. This method is based on the principles of MRI-guided navigation.

O-arm Surgical Imaging System – This is a platform designed for use in spine and orthopaedic surgeries. Real-time, high definition three dimensional imaging during the surgery reduces the risk of repeated surgical intervention. O-arm minimises and prevents damage to the patient’s nerve endings, and severely reduces the radiation dose.

Orthokine Therapy – For the treatment of osteoarthritis. Biological therapy of osteoarthritis helps to reduce the dystrophy of cartilage and joint pain, and improves joint function and mobility. This therapy is based on the body’s self-healing capabilities.

ВoneScalpel –  Ultrasonic surgical device that cuts bone. ВoneScalpel ultrasonic blade is designed to cut through bone structures quickly and effectively, with minimal damage to the healthy bone and adjacent soft tissues (nerves, blood vessels, tendons, muscles). It increases the safety of surgical procedures, including surgeries on the spine.

PCNL(Percutaneous NephroLithotomy) – For the removal of larger kidney stones (over 2cm in diameter) located within the kidney, through a puncture in the lumbar region. High success rates.

MICA – Minimally invasive hallux valgus deformation correction.

Regeno Gel Biological Liquid – Used in the treatment of joint pain and disability due to osteoarthritis. A highly stable gel, with great potential for preservation of joint functionality and the regeneration of cartilage.

SIRT (Selective Internal Radiation Therapy) – Used to treat cancer, especially hepatocellular carcinoma and metastasis to the liver that cannot be surgically treated. This treatment prolongs life and is not associated with any side effects.

A huge selection of traditional and surgical treatments enables a choice between the most optimal medical program for each of the patients.

Highly effective rehabilitation treatment after the performed surgeries, all following the latest medical program protocols.

Optimal Mediterranean climate with a variety of terrain and climatic zones!